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(10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

Sycamore Hills Park Community Center
(635 West Avon Rd)

Avon, Connecticut

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10th Annual CAPA University Writing Conference

May 11, 2013 - Hartford Steam Boiler Conference Center

Keynote Speaker - Hallie Ephron

"The writing life: Are we having fun yet?"

Hallie Ephron, author of eight novels and four works of nonfiction as well as articles and essays, talks about growing up in a family of writers and carving out a place of her own. She shares what she's learned about the writing life, dirty little secrets as well as epiphanies about craft and courage that she's gleaned along the way.

Speakers Presenting the 15 Workshops

Pam Lewis   Annie Kelleher  Daniel Judson   Eileen Albrizio   D'vorah Lansky  Julian Padowicz  Marilyn Allen

Dick Margolis  Kate Rothwell  Wayne English  Dan Uitti  Richard LaPorta  Brian Jud

Editor Panel:   Roberta Buland, Beth Bruno, Rita Riali

New Event - Writer "Idol"

Included in the price are: One-on-One Sessions with Agents, Free Parking & Two Meals

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   $135.00 after Mar. 30 - $150.00